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"Come all ye Asiatics of America and hear the truth about your nationality and birthrights"
-- Prophet Noble Drew Ali

The Moorish Movement

A Divine and National Movement teaching the significance of:

Nationality and Divine Creed

Business and


The Moorish Divine and National Movement

The Moorish Science Temple of America (a religious corporation) was founded by our Divine Prophet Noble Drew Ali in 1913 A.D.​

We have consistently demonstrated plans for the betterment of mankind, teaching those things that make our people better citizens. In our missionary work, we encourage those through example that our social, moral and economic condition can be better.

Our Religion
the Old Time Religion
Our Nationality
Our nationality is Moorish American
Our Principles
Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice
Our Government
We Are Citizens of The United States of America (U.S.A.)

Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

Our Princples Brought to us by
Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Black. Negro. Colored. African-American.

Moorish American.

“I come to set you free from that state of mental slavery that I found you in.”
-- The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali


Temple #21 - Atlanta, GA

Public Meetings

You are welcomed to come and learn more about your Nationality and Divine Creed. Please be prompt.

Friday Holy Day Meetings:

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20 Jackson St. SE
Atlanta, GA 30312

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Founded by Prophet Noble Drew Ali

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