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New Sheiks That Are Upright, Fearless and Ready to Work for Our Illustrious Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

Updated On:
June 4, 2018


Praise ALLAH and highest honors to his Holy and Divine Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

Two weeks ago, five newly made Sheiks and Sheikess devoted their life to this Moorish Divine and National Movement.

Bro. Kris Anderson EL, Sheik and Bro. Matthew Hampton EL, Sheik are both heads of study groups in Alabama.

Bro. Anderson EL is the head of the study group in Huntsville, AL and Bro. Hampton EL is the head of the study group in Birmingham, AL.

May ALLAH be please with these two brothers as they are doing an excellent job in their leading roles demonstrating nothing but what our illustrious Prophet instructed us to teach… Nationality and Divine Creed.

Sis. Johnson Bey, Sheikess is a secretary of Temple #64, in New Castle, DE.

Sis. Johnson Bey will set your soul on fire with her Holy zeal and readiness to work.

Bro. Daiyaan Epps EL, Sheik is now the Acting Head of Temple #43 in Los Angeles, CA.

Bro. Epps EL is a very dynamic and humble moslem who is willing to step up when his name is called no matter the task at hand… letting his work speak for itself.

Bro. Andre Dixion EL, Sheik is the assistant to the Chief of Mecca Stars here at Grand Major Temple #1, Chicago, IL.

Bro. Dixion EL is a laboring Moor, always in position to serve the people demonstrating, Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

If you happen to be amongst these faithful few, make sure to greet them with a hearty ISLAM!

These officers are here to serve and keep the Prophet and his Laws up front.

The great meeting is on and UNITY is alive and well.

The Prophet’s movement is continuing to grow as there is still much work to be done in the uplifting of fallen humanity.

Peace and Love At All Cost!!!

Written by:
Bro. D. Pettis El


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