3rd Annual Leadership Conference (Houston, TX)

Praise ALLAH and highest honors to his Prophet Noble Drew Ali. This pass weekend was one to remember. Officials from all over the country traveled to be in attendance for the 3rd Annual Leadership Conference. Learning to lead by objective, many topics were discuss and build upon. Ultimately preparing all the officials for an illustrious year and beyond. During Holy Day and Sunday service guest traveled many miles to take out their cards and buttons and proclaim their nationality. The great meeting continues as the Prophets temple is growing vastly across the nation. During the conference the Official Membership Registry was introduced. 


Click link to see Membership Registry:



This is no beginning but a continuation of progress in the Prophet's temple and ALLAH is leading on through his Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali. High honors goes out to Bro. E. Russell EL, Grand Sheik of Temple 35, Houston, TX and his staff for their readiness and hospitality. Expect many great things this year and in the years to come. Our purpose is to Uplift Fallen Humanity by teaching our people their Nationality and Divine Creed!


Peace and Love At All Cost!



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