"If the Europeans and other nations are helping me, why not you, it is your problem. The Negro problem is being solved only as it can, and that is by the Moorish National Divine Movement."


- Prophet Noble Drew Ali


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Moorish American Social Services

Non-Profit Organization

"That is why I'm calling upon all faithful Moors to increase their faithfulness to me your Prophet and your Divine Moorish Movement. I need Finance and I need it badly, Never before have I needed finance so badly  as I do at present, so I can shove aside the discord that is facing the Nation. It all comes through jealousy because my fame and nobility. The nations of the world will not recognize the Movement without I the Prophet being Head. It has been proven by my works which I have performed in the last few years."

- Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Temple #1 / Home Office


E. Braswell Bey

Supreme Grand Sheik and Chairman



5001 S. Wabash Ave.

Chicago, IL 60615

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